Unacceptable Behaviour Policy Reminder

Deveronvale, as with every SFA Licenced member club, posts a number of policies on its website and updates these annually. These policies can be found under the dropdown menu “Club” and the tab for “Policies”.

A key policy addresses “Unacceptable Behaviour” and we are in the process of updating this policy. We would like, for broader understanding, to highlight a number of clarifications of the policy, in particular the clarifications at points 4. and 5. under Disorderly Conduct.

Violent conduct includes:-

1. Actual, attempted or threatened violence against a person or persons.

2. Intentional damage to property.

Disorderly conduct includes:-

1. Conduct which is designed to stir up or sustain hatred or ill will against a person or group of persons based on their membership or presumed membership of the following categories of defined groups:-

a) Female or male gender

b) Colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national group

c) Membership of a religious group or a group with a perceived religious affiliation

d) Sexual orientation

e) Transgender identity

f) Disability

2. The use of threatening, abusive or insulting words or conduct – both verbal and non-verbal.

3. The display of written or other visual display that is threatening, abusive or insulting.

4. Entering the field of play other than as part of an emergency evacuation.

5. Discharging any pyrotechnic device, smoke bomb or similar device.

Unfortunately we have seen examples of items 4 and 5 this season and, whilst the incidents have been relatively minor in nature, we would reiterate the policy that any supporter who engages in such behaviour will be subject to sanctions imposed by the Club, which could include withdrawal of season ticket, exclusion from future Deveronvale matches or in the event of serious and/or persistent offending, a report to the Police or an application being made towards obtaining a football banning order.

Whilst we don’t include the bringing of drums and other musical instruments into Princess Royal Park under the definition of Disorderly Conduct, we will ask our stewards to closely monitor the use of these to ensure they are not spoiling the enjoyment of the game by other supporters. In particular, we have instructed the stewards to ensure that supporters, whether home or away, using drums do not stand behind the goals but are situated at the Canal Park side of the ground as we regard the possible distraction of goalkeepers to be unsporting and not in the interests of fair play.

Jim Mair


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