Today’s Match – Deveronvale v The Spartans

The unexpected torrential rain yesterday and today has taken its toll on Banff and Macduff, with roads flooded and fairly dangerous. Princess Royal Park held out well and was perfectly playable at 8am this morning. However, the incessant rain since then has resulted in water pooling late morning on the pitch and on the pathways surrounding the pitch.

The Spartans decided to travel up last night and stayed overnight in Aberdeen and, despite the weather, are travelling to Banff in the hope that things improve. We have talked to the SFA and The Spartans and we have all agreed that the decision on whether the game goes ahead be left to the match referee, who is scheduled to arrive around 1.30pm. At the moment we think it very doubtful, as the forecast lessening in rainfall hasn't happened, but will try to keep folks informed as we hear more.

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