May Update

Whilst the close season tends to give management, players and fans a break, there remains a lot of work to be done behind the scenes by the board and committee. Over the past few years a lot of this work, especially on the commercial side, has been done by Linda and Neil Montgomery, who have contributed in very many ways since they joined the Club board in December 2016, not least by running our past three very successful main annual dinners. Unfortunately, Neil and Linda have decided that they need to focus, going forward, on their businesses and addressing the serious impact caused by COVID-19 and have had to resign as directors of the Club. Everyone at the Club is very grateful for Linda and Neil’s support over the past three and a half years and wish them well with their business challenges.

For the Club going forward the two main challenges are having sufficient board and committee members to function properly and the financial capabilities to continue developing as a SHFL football club for the area with an active youth programme to develop local youngsters as future Vale players. Absent meeting these challenges the future of the Club becomes uncertain.

With Linda and Neil standing down, and Robert Duncan’s untimely passing in April, our board/committee and matchday helpers’ numbers are now too few to allow the Club to function as it needs to. The more help we can secure then the less the demands on specific individuals. We urgently need more help and, if you would like to offer your help, please contact the Club at or myself at .

In terms of financial support, we very much appreciate the continued support of our main sponsor, Motive, Sytec Engineering, Wiseman Fishing and our other kit sponsors as well as the fans who support the Club through sponsoring pitchside boards, management and player sponsorship and match attendance. We also appreciate the generous donations we have received over the past few months. If you would like to provide some financial support, we have also joined the “Donate a Ticket” scheme which has been set up to provide a means of supporting Scottish football clubs through the tough times we are currently experiencing. To date 21 donations have been received totalling £537. A great start!

We also very much appreciate the continued support from our 50/50 Club members. New members are always welcome and application forms can be found at .

In the meantime, we hope you and your families continue to cope with the lockdown and stay safe in these troubled times.

Jim Mair


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