Match Ticketing // vs Buckie Thistle

Buckie Thistle have decided to make next Saturday’s match at Victoria Park all ticket, with tickets being available through the Fanbase link on Buckie Thistle’s website at:

Deveronvale fans who would like to attend but are not able to access digital tickets should contact the Club at or phone/message Jim Mair on 07814 406845 before 5pm on Thursday 12th August for assistance in securing tickets.

Buckie Thistle advise us that after entering the ground from the turnstiles at the west end of Victoria Park, Deveronvale fans will have the option of turning right to an open air, segregated standing area to the west of the covered enclosure or left to access seats in the stand.

Fans in the segregated area will have access to toilets but not to the pie shop at the north side of the ground. The weather forecast for the game currently indicates a ~25% chance of rain, so fans should consider coming suitably prepared for rain.

The game is also available to view on livestreaming via Buckie Thistle’s new Pay Per View system, at a cost of £10.00, which is accessible via:

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