Buckie Thistle v Deveronvale - 18th January 2020

Following some behaviour issues encountered at the Buckie Thistle v Deveronvale SHFL Cup tie in November, Buckie Thistle, having consulted with the Police, have decided to segregate Vale and Buckie supporters at the SHFL match tomorrow, Saturday 18th December at Victoria Park.

Deveronvale fans are asked to park their vehicles in the Highfield Road area, to the south of the ground and easily accessible from High Street which connects to the A98. Deveronvale fans are asked to enter and leave Victoria Park by the gate at the west (school) end of the ground. Toilet facilities will be provided in the segregated area, but Vale fans will have no access to the Pie Shop or to the Victoria Lounge.

It is regrettable that these restrictions have been imposed, especially as the issues in November were caused by a small number of fans. All involved with Deveronvale very much appreciate the support shown to the Club but would ask that all fans attending this, or any other match, behave in a responsible and respectful manner.

Our Club policy is that any supporter who engages in unacceptable behaviour will be subject to sanctions imposed by the Club, which could include withdrawal of a season ticket, exclusion from future Deveronvale matches or in the event of serious and/or persistent offending, a report to the Police or an application being made towards obtaining a football banning order. Whilst the Club has no wish to impose such sanctions, like all football clubs we take behavioural matters very seriously.

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