Charlie Ferries

DOB: 08/05/57

Briefly outline your football career prior to joining Deveronvale.?

Started in the juniors with Turriff United under a certain Billy Anderson, was at Huntly for a few years, then moved on to Vale.

Which year(s) did you play for Deveronvale? Who signed you for the club, and what attracted you to join ?

I came to the Vale in 1981-82, that mannie Billy Anderson signed me. I was good pals wi Falky Andrews and of course King Billy!!!

What are your fondest memories of your time with the club?

One really frosty morning, course Billy has us in training in the morning, its Baltic, travel up fae Lumsden tae pick up Falky in Foggie, then on to training, get to Falkies and start watching, the programme called the flashing blade on tv, hae cup o coffee, and then cannae be bothered gaun tae training, fits the excuse I say , Billy’s nae stupid, hae tae be a good een, Falky comes up with a beauty that our diesel has frozen, fit says I Billy winnae believe that , nae probs says Falky, sure enough we arrive normal time for the game, Billys raging, far the hell have you two been, Falky s brave as I hide behind him tells him that Charlies diesel froze once he got tae Foggie, speechless Billy walks away shaking his head in disbelief, and hears him muttering what a pair o flippin plonkers, TRUE ! Another time, I remember watchin Jim Pirie getting his toe nails painted on way up to play at Inverness !!! .

What is the most memorable game(s) you played in for Vale, and why?

Qualifying cup match against Elgin City at Princess Royal, when Sandy Roy the referee from Elgin, gave them an indirect free kick inside box and they scored to beat us, was gutted as I thought we had a decent chance of qualifying for the Scottish Cup.

Who were the characters at the club ?

Fans were brill- committee brill- Kenny Roger (Dodger) fae the Broch… what a moaning auld bu**er, Gogs Mckay in goals was a typical goalie… daft as a brush !

Who were the best players you played with at the Vale and why?

Lots of good players then - Walker Brothers, Pirie, Dinkie, Falky, Dodger,Big Denis D’Arcy, Mckay in goals, and of course… The Manager !

And who were the best players you played against, and why?

Charlie Duncan was a fantastic player, and I remember little Titchy Black up at Inverness Thistle… brill players .

What have you done in a football sense since you left the Vale ?

Went back to Huntly, then on to play for, then player-manager at Turriff, then player manager at Culter, manager at Banchory, then Locos (short time), now help out with Huntly under 19s and 21s .

What does a normal Saturday afternoon entail for you these days ?

If not watching football, then its got to be golf .

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