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Donald Buchanan

DOB: 16/12/57

Which years did you play for Deveronvale?

1977-1983 & 1989/90, I think.

Who signed you for the Vale and what attracted you to sign for the club ?

Billy Anderson was my manager, with Peter (Pedro) Davidson assisting. To play at a higher level & meet lots of obliging girls north of Aberdeen !!!!!!

What are your fondest memories of playing for Vale ?

Winning, followed by the socialising!!! Most memorable moments were while getting stripped for a match, Big Forbees spotted Wee Jamesy Pirie's toe nails were varnished pink from the night before. Wee Pirie (again) first- footing in Banff with only his mothers pink dressing gown on, after falling through a glass table & cutting his backside.

What is the most memorable game you played in for Vale ?

Making my debut along with Gary Loch v Clach & betting Gary whoever scored first would collect the others first wage packet. I scored the third goal, with Gary scoring the fourth goal in a 5-4 win. Gary went on to score 20+ goals that season, I think that was my only one of the season !

Who were the characters in the team?

Ian Thain, James Pirie, Allan Forbes, Davie (Dinky) Wilson, Nigel Montgomery, Gary Loch & Paul Stenhouse were the main ones.

Who were the best players you played with at the Vale ?

Thainer, Walker brothers (Kevin & Colin), Big Forbees, Graeme Masson, Nigel Montgomery, Wee Pirie & Dinky. I also remember playing with a promising, up & coming youngster called Scott Anderson!?!?

And who were the best players you played against ?

Billy Urquhart & Ray McIntosh (Caley), Ray O'Hara (Keith), Gary Loch (Buckie) & Les Armstrong (Elgin)

What have you done in a football sense since you left the Vale ?

I returned to Junior football, playing for Culter & Bon Accord before retiring gracefully. Came out of retirement for half a season to help Cove Rangers, then retired again.

What does a normal Saturday afternoon entail for you these days ?

Work up a thirst by keeping my garden tidy, washing the cars & taking my son (Josh) to his swimming & self defence classes. Last year I was invited by a match sponsor to Vale v Cove Rangers which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was made most welcome at Princess Royal Park and would like to take this opportunity in thanking Stewart McPherson, Gregg Carrol & Billy Anderson, along with all connected at the club for their superb hospitality. Hopefully I will be able to take in a few more games this season.

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