Jim Alexander

DOB: 14/04/63

Briefly outline your football career prior to joining Deveronvale.

Joined the Vale as a schoolboy in 1979.

Which year(s) did you play for Deveronvale? Who signed you for the club, and what attracted you to join ?

1979-1983, signed for the Vale cos it’s my hame club! Signed by Ken Tedcastle

What are your fondest memories of your time with the club?

I was on the bench for an away game and wasn’t happy, so when Billy Anderson the manager told me to warm up I tried to spit on the ground, but it landed on his shoe, so instead of getting on the park he sent me inside the dressing room ! But I am still friends with Billy, and he always reminds me and everyone else oh that story!!! After Keith had won the title 3 times in a row when Bobby Wilson was manager, they came to Banff for the first game of the new season and we beat them 2-1 and I scored the first goal! We had a really young team at that time which I don’t think a lot of people appreciated.

What is the most memorable game(s) you played in for Vale, and why?

A New Year game against Buckie Thistle at Banff when we hammered them 7-0 and I scored probably my best ever goal for the Vale, a 25 yard free kick postage stamp screamer… get in there!!

Who were the characters at the club ?

There were a lot oh characters. Billy Anderson was my longest serving manager, and I came through the school ranks with Jim Pirie and Dinky Wilson, so obviously spent most time with them on and off the park! There was also goalie Gordon McKay and Paul McAllister who were the same age and went to Banff Academy. I’ll never forget an away game at the end of the season away to Inverness thistle when we were getting changed and the place was in an uproar with laughter, why? Because we noticed that my good pal Mr Pirie had lovely red varnish on his toenails!! Some guys would do anything to ‘impress the ladies’!!! ( Sorry Dowdle, I had to censor that bit ! – MTT )

Who were the best players you played with at the Vale and why?

My pal James Pirie who really should have gone onto a higher level, great goal scorer and a real poacher.

And who were the best players you played against, and why?

I played left wing for the Vale and I never got much change out oh ‘Cuptie’ McKay the Keith right back.

What have you done in a football sense since you left the Vale ?

I left the Vale in 1983 and as I worked and lived in Turriff, I didn’t want to travel in the Highland League, so I signed for Turriff United and played 13 seasons with them before hanging the boots up in 1997!

What does a normal Saturday afternoon entail for you these days ?

Golf golf golf! In the winter time I do venture down to Princess Royal Park now and then and see many old weel kent faces! The only difference now is they talk to me rather than shout abuse at me!!

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