Colin Walker

DOB: 09/03/60

Which years did you play for Deveronvale ?

1980/81 - 1983/84.

Who signed you for the Vale and what attracted you to sign for the club ?

Billy Anderson signed me after I had been released by Montrose FC. Billy attracted me to the club as I had known him from junior football. I also spoke to Jimmy Wilson, who advised me that Deveronvale would be a good club to get my career going again.

What are your fondest memories of playing for Vale ?

What I remember most was a 3-1 win against Caley at Princess Royal Park in April 1982, when Caley needed to win to take the title. Henry Gracie, Kenny Roger and James Pirie were the scorers. The team that day was - G. McKay, D. Buchanan, C. Walker, D. D'Arcy, K. Roger, F. Andrew, K. Walker, H. Gracie, G. Loch, J. Pirie, J. Alexander. Subs - P. McAllister, C. Ferries. On our day we were good, but lacked consistent performances. "Great time for me at the Vale !" .

What is the most memorable game you played in for Vale ?

The Caley game I just mentioned was the most memorable. I played well, the team played well, and we won against the best team in the league…we really upset the odds that day !

8. Who were the characters at the club ?

James Pirie and Dinkie Wilson were always up to something. I'll put it this way, there was no way you fell asleep in their company, you dared not to !!! Brad Kerr, how he played with that handicap I'll never know, amused the locals though. Joe Harper, knew every trick in the book.

Who were the best players you played with at the Vale ?

My brother Kevin springs to mind, but at the age of 20 you need someone to whom you aspire, and there were none better than Denis D'Arcy and Kenny Roger. Two old 'pros' totally committed to the cause

And who were the best players you played against ?

At that time there were a lot of good players but for degree of difficulty, they were Billy Urquhart and Ray McIntosh of Caley - an excellent partnership.

What have you done in a football sense since you left the Vale ?

Played for Huntly for 10 years. Managed Banks O Dee Coached at Montrose and won promotion assisting Andy Dornan who was manager Coached at under 21 level with Cove Rangers (league winners) Worked 4 years at Aberdeen Youth Development Programme Attained my youth licence in 2002.

What does a normal Saturday afternoon entail for you these days ?

I now golf with my brother Kevin. These are usually keenly contested. My handicap is 7. I watch my sons Greg and Scott play for the school and their boys clubs. Still looking for my next project to work on. Thanks for the memories…

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