Neil M Clark

DOB: 22/06/59

Which years did you play for Deveronvale ?

Player/Manager in season 1988/89.

Who signed you for the Vale and what attracted you to sign for the club ?

Chance to move into management with hometown club that I had watched as a kid (the days of Martin Allan, NorrieMcBain, ZainWatt, Norman Perry etc.I suppose I signed myself.

What are your fondest memories of playing for Vale ?

Beating Cove in the League Cup and beating Peterhead 1-0 at Banff in the league on the day of the Club’s 50th Anniversary Dinner .

What is the most memorable game you played in for Vale ?

A 1-1 draw against the Broch at Bellslea

8. Who were the characters at the club ?

No-one in particular that I can remember

Who were the best players you played with at the Vale ?

Nigel Montgomery, Alan Forbes and Graham Nicol

And who were the best players you played against ?

Billy Urquhart, Charlie Christie and Charlie Barbour

What have you done in a football sense since you left the Vale ?

I won a Highland League medal with Elgin in 1989/90 (while living in theGlasgow area), played 2 seasons for KirkintillochRob Roy in the Glasgow juniors (not a place for the faint-hearted), a season for Forres, a few seasons for TurriffUnited and for the past 7 years I have been back-up goalkeeper/coach at the Broch.

What does a normal Saturday afternoon entail for you these days ?

Coaching/watching the Broch

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