Advertising Boards at Princess Royal Park

Boards are available to rent per season at Princess Royal Park, however we are happy to discuss longer rental terms on request.

Board - 8' x 2' Pitchside

8' x 2'    Pitchside    £175+VAT

Board - 12' x 2' Pitchside

12' x 2'   Pitchside   £225+VAT

Board - 8' x 4' Rear Fence

8' x 4'   Rear Fence  £250+VAT

Board - 14' x 2.5' Rear of Stand

14' x 2.5' Rear of Stand £300+VAT

Price excludes the cost of manufacturing the boards, which can paid upfront or monthly via direct debit.


Social Media Advertising

Advertise your business on a monthly basis via the club's official social media channels, reaching potential customers from our Facebook and Twitter followers.

3,000 Page Views

Reached 11,500 users

Over 10,000 unique post engagements

2,000 video views

We received 3,000 page views, reached 11,500 users, enjoyed over 10,000 unique post engagements and 2,00 video views via our official Facebook page in December 2019 alone, meaning your advertising reach will be extensive every time you run a promotion with us.

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Stadium Advertising

Advertise your business with a pull-up banner all season long within the boardroom or Motive Lounge at Princess Royal Park, showcasing your brand to hospitality guests, fellow sponsors, visiting team officials and fans.


Official Main Club Sponsor

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